Exploring new techniques is the driving force behind the design success of To'sha

What are the insiders saying?

Dorian Grace, Brand & Sales Strategist

What makes To'sha special is their unique interpretation of the less obvious. The latest creations takes us beyond the simplicity of a flower but more like a journey offering both texture, luxury fabrics and unique design all wrapped up in one. Each piece made with love. A style that never gets old!

Renae Antoinette, Blogger

I fell in love with To'sha about a year ago, when I spotted a bag on a fellow blogger. I knew then I had to get my hands on one. What makes To'sha special is the mastermind behind the brand. Her sense of style, close attention to detail and pure heart makes these the must have bag!


Latisha Daring, Global Style Gypsy

"When you grow to know and love a person who just happens to be a designer, the product becomes a natural result of who they are, paired with the details that reflect their passion and process." To'sha is a brand that I have coveted for a long time, always for the unique details and standout quality. It has been a joy to not only support Towana in her process of being a black woman owned business, but it has been a pleasure to rock her bags around the world. 


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